Paws of Purrsia: Kitty Litter

Paws of Purrsia: Kitty Litter is a 4-player party game where players coordinate their moves to keep a palanquin from tipping-over. Think Persian-version of Crazy Taxi with four drivers controlling one vehicle. Remember, you are carrying VIPs on a palanquin, so pay attention to their individual demands while marching.


Developed by:

Justin Acker – Development, Music, Game Design, Voice Acting

Christina Goefron – Development, Concept Art

Corinne Cohen – Art and Animation: Lead

Veronica Grijalva – Concept and Character Art: Lead, Narrative Design, Level Design, Editing, Vocalist

Jack Chu – Development, Level Design

Chris Bonilla – Development, Playtesting

Yuxin Gao – Music and Sound Effects, Writing

Hoteck Kan – Project Management, Sound Effects, Writing